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Our Farm


Vintage Cattle

Have you seen old pictures of cattle?  The ones where their bodies are big and full with hardly any legs sticking out the bottom?  Well, that is what our cattle look like!  They are a docile breed with exceptional maternal qualities and the ability to turn grass into well - marbled muscle!

Boutique Beef

Grass fed or grain fed, this breed provides quality meat that is tender and flavorful.   Please feel free to contact us about your custom fed beef!  Whole beef or quartered halves are available.  Nothing compares to home raised beef!    


American Aberdeen Breed 

Click to find out how you can make your herd more efficient. 


Facts and answers to your questions about the breed can be found here.

Want to mix things up a bit? Or not? Whatever you choose to do, the Aberdeen Association has a class for you.

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